The Classy Men’s Blog

The Classy Men’s Blog

You can hit the gym as much as you want,
did you hear that most of the 
bodybuilders are self­ conscious?
Have you ever went out one night
and all women want to talk to you
and another night nobody is even
looking at you?

What do you think it was different?
NOT the looks!
The difference in your confidence level!
Gents! Plenty of confidence training
at Udemy’s portal to choose from.

… He knows how to provide
the most romantic date night!
Elegance, good wine, tasteful music.
But careful gentleman,
stay authentic,
don’t make it too cheesy!



The Classy Man is driving an elegant electric like BMW i8 or Tesla S.  The Tesla Model S is arguably the safest and most exhilarating vehicle that can be driven today.

It’s unique model, completely electric powertrain is not only efficient, but this sedan can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 2.5 seconds. The classy man can drive on highways safely and stress free… in Autopilot.




… Reads Men’s Health
With 40 editions in 47 countries, this informative guide for men covers everything from nutrition and fitness to style and sexuality.
Interested in a subscription, go to




… Meeting classy women by attending exhilarating performances by respectable musicians, bookstores and/or from admiring art at museums.  Smart is the new sexy!



… Uses these running shoes

(and of course, he uses it often­ not only once a year, gents!)  The classy man doesn’t hurt his joints and is very comfortable because he’s wearing these running shoes, which gives unique shock absorption that no other shoe can compete with.  en.enko­running­


And The Classy Man pairs those awesome running shoes with Ampy!




The Classy Man is not lazy! He doesn’t just sit around waiting for his battery to charge… He charges his battery while getting some exercise!­ move.html


… Prefers AirVape for portable vaporizing.  Herbs getting legalized in more and more states in US. The big wave of trend brought not only healthier alternative in smoking space but elegance as well.

AirVape is the thinnest true dry herb vaporizer in the world!



… Records his moves with a hover­ camera.

Yes! Have a camera follow your each step and people will call you classy, I promise.­ camera



… Owns a HoloLens or Meta.

He doesn’t live in the past, he’s expanding his thoughts, ideas and imagination.
The classy man is embracing the future of creating his own digital content!­meta­ hololens/en­us


… Prefers Pepsi over Coca Cola
In multiple tasting studies were shown that People prefer Pepsi over Coke. Yet, when they were asked what they will continue to buy, majority said Coke. Stay Classy! Choose Pepsi 🙂

… Prefers Audemars Piguet and Moto 360 for wearables.
Merging avant­garde technology with over 140 years of savoir­faire, the Audemars Piguet Manufacture pushes engineering, craft and design further than any other watchmaker before.



The Classy Man knows how to wear jeans with jeans!

The style of jeans with jeans will always be in trend. Fashion icons said, this year this will not change, whats more… it will get more in style.

Classy men’s preferred jeans with jeans outfit is Levi’s!

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