We find meaning in making this world a better place and in today’s ever changing environment it is more important than ever to focus on protecting what every human has in common: Planet Earth.

In today’s ever-changing world there are undeniable happenings effecting our planet which has inspired Apollo to support causes through strategic donations whose main goal is to protect our Mother Earth.

Apollo has found inspiration and teamed up with EART & CO.  This specific product line have taken a unique approach uniting art and nature in a new sleek product line of bracelets and watches that take direct action to safeguard three major causes:

EART & CO. have a passion to advance these causes by donating its proceeds to supporting organizations.  Saving our planet is just one of the many battles we encounter as human beings and we see this as the start of cascading solutions for all.

By purchasing EART & CO. bracelets, you will support saving the rain forest, cleaning the ocean and/or reducing climate change.  These elegantly crafted bracelets are made of lava stone with a stainless steel medal emblem, representing one of the three charities.  The neutral palette provides a great match with any outfit.

As Emerson once said, “Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”. To illustrate our spirit for these causes, we’ve have marked one lava stone on each bracelet a color depicting each cause.

We must change and do our part because this is OUR planet.  Change starts with us, one bracelet at a time.

Purchase your bracelet HERE

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