Does Vaping Make Your Breath Smell?

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If compared with cigarettes? No.Most people who are former smokers consider switching to vaping as an alternative to cigarettes because it is less harmful than the latter. Also, vaping has less chemicals and less toxic materials. Let’s look at the benefits of vaping in relation to your breath.

Does Vaping Cause Bad Breath?

No. Vaping does not cause bad breath. This is because vapor is primarily made up of water. This means that it can evaporate within seconds. Unlike cigarettes, the smoke lasts for a long time because of its density. Cigarettes contains loads of chemicals that are harmful in a lot of ways. Cigarettes contain chemicals that can damage your oral health, this is why when you smoke cigarettes, it is more likely that you have a bad oral health.

Vaping on the other hand doesn’t contain that much many toxic chemicals. However, vaping can cause dry mouth, this is because inhaling and smoking in general has a way of tiring out your sense of taste. Keeping yourself hydrated is the best way to avoid this.

And also the best vape flavor can help you enhance the experience.

Can You Smell Vape Smoke?

Yes. However, the smell of vape smoke is much more pleasant than cigarette smoke. This is because vape smoke is technically just made up of water. Therefore there may be a lingering smell but it is not as bad as cigarettes. Also, vape juice has a lot of flavors to choose from, therefore what you vape is what you get. You can smell like strawberries for a while and that is much more pleasant scent than cigarettes for sure. Vape smoke also doesn’t stick to your clothes or hair because if evaporates much faster than cigarette smoke.

Also, cigarettes produce a combusted smoke that sticks to clothes and other items while vape doesn’t. Therefore, you can smell vape smoke but it isn’t as deadly as cigarette and it could be an enjoyable and pleasant smell too because of the different vape juice flavors that are available in the market.

Does Vaping Leave a Smell on Your Breath?

Yes there is a smell that lingers after you vape, however,  it isn’t as bad as the after taste of cigarettes. When you smoke cigarettes you can tell that odd gacky and bitter taste in your mouth. You feel that your saliva is thick and heavy as well. Since cigarettes are infused with thousands of chemicals, it likely leaves a bad sensation in your mouth as it also tends to damage your oral health which leads to bad breath. Vaping on the other hand only leaves the faint sensation of the flavor of the vape juice and does not have any further after taste. Your breath may smell for a while but it goes away afterwards.

Overall, vaping is less awful in terms of the smell. If you are experiencing a weird sensation in your mouth you may need to try changing your juice or your clean your vape gear. Otherwise, consult your dentist for possible oral problems that could be the cause of bad breath.

Is There a Relation Between Oral Health and Vaping?

Yes. But it’s complications are not as dangerous as smoking. Vaping in high nicotine content can cause gum problems because of the ingestion of nicotine. This is because nicotine is a compound that prompt the muscular wall of the blood vessels to contract, this then leads to gum disease because of the longer decline of oxygen and nutrients.

Good news though is that vaping does not cause your teeth to discolor. Vape juice does not contain chemicals that discolor teeth unlike cigarettes.

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