What are the Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers?

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If you like to try out a new experience with your herbs, then trying a dry herb vaporizer or vaporizer for weed would be something that you might like to take your time in. It’s a new innovation amongst herb enthusiasts to have a new herb experience. In this topic we will learn the different types of herb vaporizers. In this article, we will discuss the three major kinds of vaporizes.


What are Dry Herb Vaporizers?


A dry herb vaporizer is a new device designed for those enjoy smoking herbs such as cannabis.

It is powered by either convection or conduction. It exhausts the full flavor and aroma of your herbs and also it makes you customize the experience by giving you the option to set how much or what kind of hit do you prefer. Dry herb vaporizers has a temperature control feature that can help you enhance your experience by setting it low and gradually increase to achieve various kinds of hits.


Weed vaporizers are cleaner and hassle free than other kinds of devices. It is cleaner than rolling up joints or using a bong. This is because dry herb vaporizers do not burn the herb but rather sets it by heating it at desired temperatures. This unleashes the full potential and hit of your herbs. In traditional methods, much of the herb is being burned along with other substances which makes smoking rather inconvenient. Traditional methods involve also inhaling other potential toxic material because of combusting.


To buy a vaporizer online may a convenient first step. It could also be a handy guide to the new best selling vaporizers.



What are the Types of Herb Vaporizers


The first thing you should look at herb vaporizers is the mechanism. Herb vaporizers operate on two different mechanisms: conduction and convection.  Conduction is when the vaporizers directly heat the herb. Convection on the other hand is when hot air is being used to heat the herb and create the vapor. Weed vapes come in different kinds.


The first type of herb vaporizer is the desktop vaporizer. It is a bit big in size but it does produce some of the most great-tasting vapor. It demands a few attachments though, like whip tubes, bags or balloons or even direct draw attachments. The desktop vaporizer is ideal for home sessions.


The second type of vaporizers is the portable vaporizer. This is more popular than the desktop vaporizer because it is portable. It can also be called as a weed pen. It is suitable for those who enjoy who wants to have a handy dose with them.


The last kind of vaporizer is the analog vaporizer. These are also known as flame powered vaporizers or butane vaporizers. Analog vaporizers do not use electric power. These are more suitable for those who still enjoy the feeling of smoking a joint. They resemble a wood, glass or a metal joint and can be heated up using a butane lighter. So if you still prefer the feeling of smoking up the good old joint, an analog vaporizer is something that you might consider.


Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Odorless?


If you are familiar with vaping, vaping doesn’t give off a bad smell like smoking. You are probably wondering if that is the same with dry herb vaporizers. The answer is no. Dry herb vaporizers can still give off odor because vaporizers heat the herb which unleashes the aroma or the smell of the herb. Therefore, you may need to consider having an exhaust system when you are going to use dry herb vaporizers. Although it gives off smell, it doesn’t last too long or linger on your walls. Once again, vaporizers doesn’t involve combustion hence it does not have additional chemicals and elements that could stain your walls make your clothes smell.

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