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Smoking dry herbs such as cannabis had improved recently. There are now a wide variety of options for herb enthusiasts. Today, we will look at the dry herb vaporizer and why it could be a proper fit for your preferences.


Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Good?


Yes. First of all, vaporizers are convenient because they are easy to carry and easy to use. Dry herb vaporizers work by only pressing one button. Also, vaporizers eliminate potential exposure to toxins created by combustion. It also reduces throat irritation that can be taken from other forms of smoking. Also,using a vaporizer offers a much richer flavor and is cleaner.


Also, the difference between a dry herb vaporizer and an atomizer is that atomizers are designed for people to quit smoking. Meanwhile, trying a joint could be more trouble than it’s  worth. It tends to be messy and you’re getting more toxic chemicals but burning the leaves and the paper.


For those who are using cannabis for medical purposes, using a dry herb vaporizer would be the most preferred method. This is because it exhausts the full potential and flavor of cannabis and it doesn’t lose cannabinoids, making medication much more efficient.


Is it Safe to Vape Herbs?


Yes. Herbs are much safer to vape than smoking it. It is because smoking herbs means that you would need to combust or burn them. Combusting leads to unleashing other chemicals by burning meanwhile, vaping is the process of generating vapor for inhaling. Using an herbal vaporizer you from being exposed to harmful chemicals that are present in smoking because it does not burn the herbs, it simply heats it.


Also, vaping doesn’t destroy the cannabinoids and it preserves and delivers its full flavor therefore for those are using cannabis for medical reasons, using a dry herb vaporizer is much more practical and beneficial.


Vaping also makes it  easier to customize your cannabis experience. This is because when you vape, you can customize the vape. If you want a mild hit, you can set the temperature low and gradually increase. This is not present in traditional methods such as smoking because you will always get a strong hit because of the high temperature.


Dry Vaporizers for Beginners


If you want to start with dry herb vaporizers, the first thing you need to know is the difference between convection and conduction vaporizers. When using a convection vaporizer, the hot air will pass through the herb. Meanwhile, in a conduction vaporizer, the herb is in direct contact with the source of heat.


The best herbal vaporizer is the one that fits your needs and preferences.


The next thing to know is if you would prefer a portable or a desktop vaporizer. Portable ones are small and are ready to go. There are battery-operated and good for those who enjoy their herbs alone. Meanwhile, desktop vaporizers are a good fit for those who enjoy some home sessions. Desktop vaporizers are often bigger and size and require some apparatus to be able to fully enjoy the experience.



Do Vaporizers Smell?


Yes. When it reaches a good temperature the aroma will surface. After all vaping herbs is different from usual vaping. Vaping herbs uses heat to release the aroma while regular vaping transforms juice into vapor.


Usually, portable vaporizers run on conduction and can give off a strong smell. Convention on the other hand tends to smell less because the herb has no direct contact with the heat. The recommended temperature for weed is around 325-350F. It might take a good 15-30 minutes to wipe the air out.


Keeping your vaporizer clean after using is a good tip in reducing the smell of dry herbs. Also window fans is a nice way to equip your home for a sessions.

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